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Business Architect

Business architects are people who work within an organization to implement strategies. A business architect is not someone who performs the duties that a traditional architect would perform but rather a strategic thinker and planner. These workers can be full or part-time and even contract employees. The job outlook for this position is good overall, as several businesses are merging and developing new companies.

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Associates: Information Technology
Bachelor's: Computer Forensics, Network Management, Systems Security
Accreditation: ACICS

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Business Intelligence Analyst

When managers need to make an informed business decision, they consult a business intelligence analyst. The ultimate goal of the person working as a business intelligence analyst is to “sustain or improve a business organization’s competitive position,” according to wiseGEEK. The fact is, the business intelligence analyst is the person who will look at the past, present and future and determine how well a company has done, is doing and is projected to do. This person will determine the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, and then show the business how to use those strengths to thrive

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Business Process Analyst

Business Process Analysts are specialized members of the more common business analyst. The main role of the business process analyst is to model business processes into something that can be used in a productive manner. In short, the business process analyst is the person who is going to look at the processes in an organization, ask all of the “what if” questions and then create scenarios to solve those questions.

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The role of a company or organizations Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is very similar to being the end-all, fix-all for all problems IT related. The position also has to be able to anticipate strategy, information management support, risks, advantages and disadvantages, laws, and new opportunities all in one. It is a relative newcomer to the executive board and the position is more than just someone who is in charge of “buying the toys” and “keeping the computers working,”. The CIO is, in fact, the seat that many companies rely on to survive and function, especially with today’s technology.

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Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are professionals who work in the construction industry designing and supervising projects such as constructing, repairing or maintaining tunnels, bridges, roads, buildings, airports and sewage and water supply systems. The responsibilities of civil engineers include analyzing data to plan projects, making budgetary considerations during the project planning phase, testing soil to evaluate foundation strength and testing building materials to decide which materials to use in a construction project. Civil engineers also use specialized design software to plan projects that meet the standards set up by the industry and the government.

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Cloud Architect

Cloud computing, so named because of the cloud type diagram that describes or maps out its applications, is a field that is steadily growing. In an uncertain economy the small business can minimize start-up costs and still enjoy having a team of IT experts and the finest hardware to handle their computing needs for the time they need it. This is also a benefit for established businesses and industry who want experts to take on projects for their company.

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Computer Drafting and Design

If you have a creative and analytical mind, you might find a satisfying career in computer drafting and design. Drafters are skilled computer artists who can turn sketchy ideas into precise technical drawings, architectural plans or builder’s blueprints. Drafters and designers are employed in the fields of construction, science and industry.

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Computer Forensics

A person who works in computer forensics is sometimes called a computer forensic investigator. This person is a lot like a private investigator in that he or she works to solve a mystery or crime. In the case of computer forensics, the investigator works to solve the who, what, where, when, why and how of a computer-based crime.

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Computer Network Systems

With the world turning to informatics now more than ever before, the need for Computer Network Systems Analysts who can install and maintain computer systems is great. These people are solely responsible for the day-to-day operations of an organization. Without a successful computer network an organization cannot operate. In order to work in the field of computer networking systems, the successful candidate will have at least a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. Thanks to the current trend to informatics, graduates can almost certainly enjoy a career with many different organizations.

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CRM Developer

Customer relationship management (CRM) has become a globally adopted method for communications management between companies and their current and prospective customers. New technologies have been heavily leveraged to structure, coordinate, and automate procedures. Though dealing mostly with sales, customer service, technical assistance, and marketing functions are also touched by CRM.

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With the world becoming more and more digitally integrated, the need for people who can protect each business/system from computer-based crimes increases. The cybersecurity specialist works within an organization to ensure their network is not breached by outsiders. This profession is expected to grow faster than other professions, which is good news for those who are interested in this field.

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Database Developer

Database developers are similar to database analysts in that their job duties are largely the same. The person working in this position will be required to have a college degree in computers. As with any computer-related job today, database developers will see more rapid job growth than other jobs over the next decade. As with most careers in the information technology field, database developers will see a job growth rate that’s much faster than average. In fact, the BLS reports this career will see a growth rate of approximately 30 percent over the next decade.

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Data Architect

A data architect is responsible for the design, structure, organization and maintenance of data within an organization. The data architect can be responsible for the entire organization’s information, or just for a specific project or set of data. In addition to routine duties, the data architect normally wears many hats within the organization he or she works for.

When working within a single organization, the data architect’s focus is the internal data in that organization. When working as an independent contractor, the data architect can assist many different companies with the sorting, organizing and maintaining of their data

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Data Communication Systems Technology

Data can include many different things these days. Currently, the definition of data includes any piece of communication that is in the bits or bytes of the digital environment. Examples of data include: text, pictures, voice, music, email, web content and more. Data communications is used in virtually every part of a person’s life today. This means there is a great need for well-qualified individuals to design, implement and manage data communications systems and infrastructures.

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Data Scientist

An exciting new career is emerging in the field of computer technology. It is currently ill-defined, however, Data Scientist is the new buzz word in a growing technology field It is a career path that promises a lucrative career with significant growth. While you may discover a variety of definitions for this new niche in computer technology, you will also discover this career path will provide a wealth of opportunities.

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Help Desk Technician

The very first question asked by those trying to enter the IT industry is often: Where in the world do I start? This happens to be a valid and prudent question. The starting point of any information technology career carries a very heavy weight in directing the professional path one takes. A secure foundation of fundamental aptitudes and experience are crucial for future progression and more demanding duties.

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Information Systems Administration

Information systems administrators are often referred to as computer systems administrators or information or computer systems managers. People in this position are responsible for planning, coordinating and other computer-related activities that occur within an organization. There are many job duties that an information systems administrator can do, including analyzing the individual needs of an organization, planning the installation of new hardware and software in his organization, ensuring the organization’s network remains secure, setting long and short-term departmental goals, planning what the IT department is going to do and performing all of these tasks while remaining cost effective

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Information Systems Security

As the world continues to advance technologically the need for professionals to protect sensitive information becomes more and more evident. Hackers and Internet terrorists can completely ruin a computer network, destroying businesses with ease. In fact, businesses spend between $80 billion and $140 billion dollars each year to protect themselves from this threat. The person that these businesses hire to protect them: an information systems security specialist.

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Java/J2EE Developer

Java development is a specialist field of software development and programming. The Java code is a widely used and adaptive programming language used in a variety of programs and devices. It is programmed into many smaller devices such as smart phones and commonly powers many of the most popular web browsers and corporate servers.

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Mobile Communications Technology

Mobile communications technology works on “improving the functionality and reliability of mobile devices and servers,” according to ITT tech. There are several different degree programs that are acceptable for this career. Someone who is considering this career can expect to see great growth in the number of jobs that are available, making this a great career choice.

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Network Systems Administration

A network administrator can actually have several different titles. Regardless of whether a person is called a network administrator, network analyst or network engineer, they all do the same thing. The network administrator is responsible for the computer network at a company as well as all aspects that go with the system itself. The median salary for this position is handsome, and these positions will continue to grow as the world moves into the information age. Learn what it’s like to work as a network administrator and more by reading below.

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Project Management

IT Project managers are important to business planning. For this reason, they need to have proper training. Companies rely on IT project managers to manage their technology projects and yearly budgets. IT project managers put together a plan for the company’s projects, budget, activities, schedules, and staff. They are in charge of preparing project reports and collecting and analyzing data. They are accountable for the project from beginning to end.

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Quality Assurance Tester

A quality assurance tester is a unique individual with a combination of skills that allow him or her to compare technical processes with practical applications. A qualified candidate for employment in this dynamic specialization must acquire and combine a variety of skill sets including critical thinking, technological proficiency, communication, and management.

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SAP Professional

An SAP professional is an individual who specializes in a specific software application often used to provide (ERP) for various companies so that they can merge all of their operations into one simplified platform. (ERP) stand for enterprise resource planning, and SAP means system application and process.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists augment website content to gain prominent positions with search engine queries. Acquisition of these top slots boosts visibility of websites which directly raises the number of visitors, also called traffic, a site receives.

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Social Media Architect

While many people enjoy using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with friends and family, very few people realize there are actually career paths based upon utilizing these technologies. Social media is a powerful tool, and businesses realize they need to utilize this tool to its maximum potential to reach potential clients and customers. Social media architects take this concept of communicating through social media and turn it into a profitable endeavor for the businesses they are employed by. Social media architects develop cutting-edge applications that allow their employer to compete in this new and powerful market. This creates a field that is fast-paced, exciting and interesting to work in.

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Software Applications Development

Computer programs range from games to office management suites and everything in between. Software developers are the creative minds behind these programs. These people are responsible for every aspect of the process it takes to develop a software program. These people can work from home, in a firm or within an organization. Software developers may also be referred to as computer programmers, applications software developers, systems software developers or software applications developers.

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Software Development Technology

For those people who are tech-savvy, a career in the field of Software Development Technology is a great way to use those skills while having fun at work. Software Developers are people who design, construct, test and maintain new software programs. One of the main duties of a Software Developer is writing code, but other duties, such as testing software and maintaining it, are equally as important in the overall function of an organization.

Software Developers are sometimes referred to as Software Engineers. While the jobs are largely the same, Software Engineers differ in that they develop programs for clients based on their identified needs.

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Software Engineering Technology

As computers have become an everyday need in our personal and professional lives, there is a constant need for new software. The Computer Software Engineer is a person who designs, develops and tests new software for a variety of hardware. There are two types of Computer Software Engineers: the applications engineer who designs software based on what people want and need and the systems engineers who are responsible for constructing and designing programs for organization.

Regardless of the type of Computer Software Engineer a person is, the work environment is usually a well-lit lab or office setting. The normal work week is 40 hours with possible overtime. Sitting at a computer for the majority of the work week, these professionals are subject to computer-related health problems, such as eye strain, headaches, back aches and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Software Sales

The greatest software program ever created is useless if there is no one to present and sell the program to prospective clients. Software sales representatives bridge the gap between software developers and the end user by clearly explaining to the end user how a new software package will improve his or her daily operations. The job outlook for this profession is expected to grow by 14% by 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Technical Writer

Do you have a flare for writing? Did the rules for comma usage come easily to you back in school? Can you also grasp complex technical details and explain them in a way that other people can understand? If so, then you might just thrive in a career as a technical writer.

A professional technical writer produces user-friendly explanations of complex technical information. These can be in the form of business reports, user guides, instruction manuals, design specifications and white papers. Any time a complex technical process needs to be written out in a way that the average user of the material can understand, a technical writer is needed.

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Virtualization Engineer

Virtualization engineers are seeing a great increase in the number of jobs available across the United States. With the economy continually circling the drain, many companies are looking for a person that can consolidate servers and virtualize their business. Individuals who already work in the IT industry can obtain certification in order to appear more attractive to companies who are interested in taking their business to the next level by using virtualization.

As with all jobs within the information technology industry, virtualization engineers can expect to grow at a rate that is faster than other occupations. reported that virtualization engineers are going to experience “boom-time salaries and job opportunities,” despite the struggling economy.

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Web Development

Web developers are responsible for blending creativity and Internet technologies to build functional and secure websites. Web development is a rapidly evolving field of industry, with above average growth and high-paying salaries. A bachelor’s degree is considered the typical educational level for a career position in the field.

According to an occupational outlook handbook published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the occupations of web designer and developer often go hand-in-hand. Web designers are responsible for the graphic design of web pages, and developers craft the programming and digital scripting for websites. To be proficient, it is essential for web developers and designers to stay current with the latest Internet technologies, software applications and best practices.

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