IT Certifications Overview (CISSP)

The CISSP certification offered by ISC2 is one of the toughest and most highly regarded security certifications available. CISSP stands for Certified Information Security Professional, and this certification covers a wide range of information security and policy topics. It is highly sought after by higher-level IT professionals.

Featured Online Schools with IT Programs

Below are some of the most popular online Information Technology programs - they accept students from around the US:
Certificates: Information Security, Information Systems Management, Wireless Communications
Master's: Master's-Information Systems Management, Master's-Network and Communications Management
Accreditation: HLC - NCACS
Associates: Information Technology
Bachelor's: Computer Forensics, Network Management, Systems Security
Accreditation: ACICS

Who Should Pursue CISSP Certification?

Generally, any IT professional in the IT security field would benefit greatly from this certification. However, the amount of knowledge needed to pass this exam is vast and it covers a wide range of topics. Typically, it is only pursued by those who already have many years worked in the field and familiarity with the subject matter. It is common to see CIO and CSO positions that list this certification as requirements.

Why Should You Pursue CISSP Certification?

This is a difficult certification to obtain, and it has many benefits. As a CISSP, you gain a title that is not commonly held like Microsoft and Cisco titles tend to be. Along with this prestige, you gain access to special CISSP events and webinars held by ISC2. You also gain access to forums and other web resources that the ISC2 reserves for currently certified individuals only.

Benefits of CISSP Certification in the Job Market

Due to the difficulty of this certification and the knowledge required to pass the exam, the CISSP title carries great weight in the job market. For IT professionals looking to move up on the corporate ladder, this certification can give the extra boost that is needed to move from field work into management positions.

How Much Will CISSP Certification Boost Your Salary?

The average salary of an individual with the CISSP certification ranges from $59,000 to over $100,000 according to Typically, jobs that require CISSP are upper-level professional positions, and they offer competitive benefits including vacation time and insurance.

CISSP Certification Trends

In today’s world, IT security is big business. There are scores of relentless hackers looking to expose any business that they can, and businesses are well aware of the serious consequences that security breaches create. This translates into a growing demand for IT security professionals and the knowledge that they bring to the table. Due to this increasing demand for skilled professionals, the job outlook for CISSP certified individuals is excellent. The demand for certified professionals is set to keep increasing as the security world becomes more central to all aspects of doing business in cyberspace.

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