IT Certifications Overview (CompTIA)

Information technology employment opportunities continue to grow. As new emerging technologies become a part of our daily lives, the need for certified IT professionals continues to increase. If you are considering a career in the information technology field, it is important to understand the benefits of certification.

Featured Online Schools with IT Programs

Below are some of the most popular online Information Technology programs - they accept students from around the US:
Certificates: Information Security, Information Systems Management, Wireless Communications
Master's: Master's-Information Systems Management, Master's-Network and Communications Management
Accreditation: HLC - NCACS
Associates: Information Technology
Bachelor's: Computer Forensics, Network Management, Systems Security
Accreditation: ACICS

CompTIA A+ certification is one of many certifications that are required by many IT departments. It is an entry level certification that many IT professionals earn in the beginning of their IT careers.

What is A+ Certification?

This certification demonstrates that you have the required knowledge to build, repair and upgrade microprocessors. This knowledge is critically important in any IT department. To pass this certification you will need to be a subject matter expert in the following:

  • Microprocessors
  • Motherboards
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Internal and External Storage Devices
  • Wireless Networking
  • Peripherals
  • BIOS and CMOS
  • Customer Service

It is important to mention that A+ Certification is now a renewable certification. In the past, it was a lifetime certification. If you obtain your certification now, you will have to get re-certified after 3 years.

A+ Certification Career Paths

For those who are entering the IT field, this is a wonderful stepping stone. Virtually all business sectors need IT professionals to keep business running. While you may have a career as an IT professional, certification will give you the edge as you advance in your career.

The major entry-level career path is Help Desk Technician. This path requires A+ certification. While the pay is not as lucrative as most IT career paths, it is a fantastic way to start your career. The average salary is $46,000.00 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This salary depends on the type and size of the business.

A+ certification is also required for PC Repair Technicians. While the salary is typically $10.00 to $15.00 per hour, it is an excellent way to gain experience to advance your future career. In addition, many technicians earn extra income by building and selling computers on the side.

An overlooked career option is the wireless cellphone industry. Average starting salary for technical support representatives is $16.00 per hour. To advance to a higher level of technical support, most wireless technology providers require A+ certification. The benefits and advancement opportunities is this industry is excellent.

A+ certification is a wonderful first step to developing a future in the IT profession. You can be assured that there will be many employment opportunities with potential for advancement. Industry education and certifications are the key to a successful career.

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