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Information Technology has been growing fast over the years. The industry has continued to provide IT professionals with excellent opportunities. This is why there is also an increasing number of people who choose to obtain IT certification.

Featured Online Schools with IT Programs

Below are some of the most popular online Information Technology programs - they accept students from around the US:
Certificates: Information Security, Information Systems Management, Wireless Communications
Master's: Master's-Information Systems Management, Master's-Network and Communications Management
Accreditation: HLC - NCACS
Associates: Information Technology
Bachelor's: Computer Forensics, Network Management, Systems Security
Accreditation: ACICS

Why Individuals Should Pursue an IT Certification

• Increased Competency

Having IT certification makes the individual stand out from the other candidates. This is because obtaining training and knowledge from a qualified institution shows that the candidate’s skills are up to date with the dynamic trends in the field. There are constant developments and changes that can make previous certification or training unhelpful. The academies aim to provide professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to become more competent in the field.

• Higher Pay Rates

Companies generally provide higher salary rates to those who are certified over people who are not. This is because of their reliable skills and experience. Professionals with IT certifications are also proven to be more competent and serious in their field as they strive to learn more.

• Credibility

Professionals with IT certification often get more credibility from their employers and colleagues. Obtaining further training and education shows how much the professional wants to improve his or her skills and knowledge in the IT field. It also makes the individual more reliable when it comes to newly developed trends in the industry.

• Promotions

Professionals with IT certification have more chances of getting promoted. They have the necessary skills and requirements needed for higher positions. IT certification also improves a candidate’s credibility to help employers in deciding who the best candidate is.

• Good career Opportunities

Professionals with IT certification increase their ability to land good positions in stable companies. There are large companies that only hire certified professionals for their business. Some organizations and government sectors also require their IT professionals to obtain certification before they hire them.

A+ Certification

A+ certification is commonly needed for professionals who work in the IT department. This is a great step for entry level IT professionals. It proves that the person has the ability and expertise to repair, build and upgrade computers.

The training deals with the basic and advanced technical aspects of motherboards, internal and external storage devices, wireless networking, peripherals and customer service. It also equips the professional in the Windows Operating Systems, BIOS and CMOS. After the training, the professional will earn the certification that needs to be renewed once every three years. In the past, A+ certification was valid for life. However, it should now be renewed every three years as there is continuous growth in the IT industry.

Career Path for A+ Certified Professionals

A+ certification is a good way for beginners to succeed in the IT field. This provides them with essential knowledge of the primary tasks that IT professionals perform. They can obtain entry level positions such as help desk technicians. These jobs may not provide a lucrative salary rate, but it is a good stepping stone. Professionals with A+ certifications and entry level jobs generally earn $46,000 annually according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who choose to become computer technicians can earn $10 to $15 per hour. Technical support representatives earn an average of $15 per hour. The salary and benefits will depend on the company’s size and the professional’s position.

Who are Eligible for CISSP Certification

IT professionals who work in the security field may obtain training for certification. However, the certification is difficult to obtain and may only be suitable for those with years of experience and practice in the field.

CISSP or Certified Information Systems Security Professional

The training provides professionals with knowledge and training about networks, systems and information security. Due to the high demand for online security in large companies and organizations, professionals with CISSP certification can usually find jobs easily. CISSP is among the most well-respected and popular security certifications in the field.

CISSP certification is relatively difficult to get, but it provides professionals with many advantages. Once a person is CISSP certified, he or she can have access to CISSP events and webinars given by ISC2. These are only for individuals with this certification. The professional is also able to obtain promotions and move up the corporate ladder with increased credibility and reliability. This provides a quick step from field work to higher management positions in the company.

CISSP Trends

IT security will be more in demand in the coming years. This is because of hackers who are also becoming more aggressive when it comes to breaching company security online. There are many cases that involve losing revenue and clients from hackers who expose vital information that a company must keep private. As a result, businesses rely on expert professionals to keep their companies safe and protected.

Those with CISSP certification generally earn lucrative salaries. Their pay ranges from $65,000 to $111,000 with an average of $80,000 per year according to They commonly acquire higher level positions and are provided with competitive benefits such as insurance and vacations.

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