Quality Assurance Tester

A quality assurance tester is a unique individual with a combination of skills that allow him or her to compare technical processes with practical applications. A qualified candidate for employment in this dynamic specialization must acquire and combine a variety of skill sets including critical thinking, technological proficiency, communication, and management.

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There is no specific degree that will train a person to become a quality assurance tester. It is the combination of technical skills and practical knowledge that makes this profession both interesting and challenging.

A bachelor’s degree in an IT related subject with a concentration or minor in business management would provide a solid foundation for further growth and development.

Depending upon the particular specialization an individual seeks, a bachelor’s degree in business management may be accompanied with a concentration in information technology. The point is that combinations of these two distinct educational programs provide the essential qualities needed for this profession. Further education in the form of master’s degree programs in related fields can improve a candidates employment opportunities and increase his or her earning potential.

Salary Information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean earning potential in this and related professions is between $70,000 and $80,000 per year for a full-time employee. Actual earnings in this industry may vary widely based on level of education, experience, specific industry, and type of organization where work is performed. The more well-rounded a person can become in this dynamic profession will lead to higher earning potential greater than the above mentioned averages.

Employment Opportunities

An IT quality assurance tester will continue to be in high demand and growth is expected to exceed that of the average for all occupations because of the unique combination of skill sets and technical knowledge required for this profession. 

As organizations become more dependent upon technology to provide efficient and accurate solutions to their day-to-day operations, quality systems become more critical.

The assurance tester will be able to constantly analyze the technical function of current systems in conjunction with the application of the system with the goals of an organization which will ensure peak performance.

Employment as a quality assurance tester may be found in many industries including health care, customer service, manufacturing, technology, government, and others.

A Typical Day

A typical day within this profession will include systems analysis, report writing, and meeting with developers and managers to discuss improvements. The primary function of the quality assurance tester is to perform in-depth analysis of an organization’s information technologies and determine if there are flaws in the technologies being used, or if the technologies are not being applied properly to satisfy the demands of an organization. Once conclusions are made, the tester will have to clearly share his or her findings with those who have the authority to act on the recommendations he or she is providing.

The work environment will consist of comfortable office space within an organization with access either through electronic or physical means to other relevant personal within the organization.


The dependence upon system accuracy and efficiency will provide opportunities for advancement to those individuals who are able to excel in this profession. The critical thinking, technical knowledge, and communication skills involved in this profession will be transferable to positions of higher authority and responsibility if the tester seeks advancement.

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